Rue by Michael J DeMeo
28 pages / B & W / 8.5" x 11" 
80lb cover laser white /70lb laser white smooth guts
release date: May 1 2012 
$7 available now:

"This is a story about my friend...this is a story about addiction..."

Rue is the new softcover photo book by Michael J DeMeo.  This series of photographs cover a typical day in the life of graffiti artist and struggling addict Davey Rugh a member of the notorious BTM graffiti clique.  Shot in stark black and white using a variety of 35mm and medium format cameras DeMeo brings Davey's story to us in beautiful yet grimey detail.  A documentary project that takes us from the railroad tracks, to a flop house, and back out onto the streets.  

"This was a really personal project for me," says DeMeo.  "I see a lot of myself in Davey and I wanted to portray his life in a realistic yet unexploited way.  At the time we shot this project Davey was essentially homeless.  Sometimes staying at his then girlfriend's house, a stripper and addict who lived with one of her customers. Davey would have to climb through her window and sleep beneath dirty clothes to elude detection. More often than not he slept outside somewhere trying to hide from the cops.  But through it all Davey was a friend, and thats the way it will always be..."
Rue has been exhibited at the Papier Gache Fanzine Festival 2012 in Paris, Flash Forward Festival 2012 in Boston MA, and the Printmania 2012 event in Boston.

Michael J DeMeo is a photographer currently living and working in Boston, Massachusetts.  His photography aims to capture the realness of his subjects without pretension or exaggeration.  From 2007-2009 DeMeo worked as photography curator at Portland, Oregon's Sugar Gallery.  Mr. DeMeo worked with such artists
as Peter Beste, Mikael Kennedy, Jimmy Fontaine, Mike Schreiber, Ray Lego, and Elizabeth Weinberg among others.
In 2008 DeMeo showed a series of Polaroids at Bongout Gallery in Berlin alongside Richard Kern,  Harmony Korine, Asia Argento and others, commemorating the end of Polaroid film production.  The exhibition was entitled "The Last Ten Shots" and was also printed in book format and released by Mollusk Magazine as a special limited edition release.  
In 2010 Pogo Books published a color book containing the images from Michael J DeMeo and Ariane Geffard's "A Nos Amours" photography exhibit.
In 2011 DeMeo won first place in the Vice Magazine / Incase Twitter Portrait contest.
In 2012 Comune Clothing produced a special artist series t-shirt featuring an original work of photography by DeMeo.
DeMeo continues to shoot photographs for a variety of publications and companies while working on his own photo books and projects. 
He also works with Alyssa Noches on the contemporary photography magazine No Thoughts, which has released seven issues to date.

No Thoughts Media has released this project in a large format softcover book, 8.5" x 11", offering readers a better opportunity to become fully engrossed in the imagery. 

"Rue" is available for $7 plus shipping.  You may purchase it directly from our store by clicking:


$7 available now:  

BIGALKE Mix exclusively for the release of the new book from No Thoughts Media - "Rue" by Michael J DeMeo. This mix is free to stream or download. 

Chris Bigalke lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He is a local music promoter, booker and graphic designer at Showdeer Presents. He likes aliens and tan coin hash. 

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